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American author and notorious fashion blogger best know as ‘The Man Repeller’


Leandra selected two pieces to create her ‘Archivist look.’ The first was an organic patchwork knit from AW04 inspired by the 1967 French film 'Belle du Jour'. The second was a panelled lace and hammered silk dress from ss09 inspired by the 1969 film ‘Easy Rider’. 


For this Archivist project Leandra worked with Justin and Thea to create the perfect synergy of her style and that of Preens 


the combination of weights and fabrics, attracted Leandra to the SS09 dress, with its sheer lace panels and body sculpting structure, through development this became a modern corded French lace and the softest cashmere knit in the colour pallet of AW04 navy, bottle green and grey marl, the result is an effortlessly cool  sweater that can be worn throughout the year, from day to evening. We love it and hope you will too. 





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