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Preen inspiration - girl crush

I mean....she is just plain cool isnt she!? From girly to grunge to glam, Winona Ryder was a poster child of the 90's grunge-era, donning leather jackets, all in black, and ripped jeans. In her 'Jonny Depp' days, she was one of Marc Jacobs first muses. As she matured, she developed a more sophisticated uniform of tailored separates and glamorous dresses.


"My dad took me to all the best rock and punk shows when I was growing up and music has always been a part of my life." - This explains her effortless 'dont give a sh*t' grunge style.


"There is so much ugliness in the world that we shouldn’t be afraid to make films which speak about basic virtues and principles of goodness. There is so much violence and unhappiness that gets thrown at us every day in the news that it has to have some kind of negative affect on people. "

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