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Sophie Apollonia has been dancing all her life. Whether it be at The Royal Ballet School, in music videos or on set for editorial shoots. Now she’s acting, modelling and making the move across the pond to LA. Read on for more…   

Miss AprilMiss April

Thank you for being our Miss April! How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Expressive, unique, fun.     

You trained at the Royal Ballet School - tell us a little bit about how you got into dancing.    

I got in when I was a little girl, about 9. I grew up in Brixton, there nothing really going on. Then my mum took me to £2.50 ballet class and my first teacher saw potential in me. I’d never heard of the Royal Ballet School, but she told me to go for it. So I did. Then the show Billie Elliot came around when I was 11 and I won a full scholarship –  it changed my life, it really did.

Six days a week – one day off. Training in the morning and academics in the afternoon. For 8 years I did it that and graduated at 18. It’s all a bit like Hogwarts, you’re living in Richmond Park. So far away from what I was used to. It was fabulous for me. For me, it was a fairytale.

Miss April

And your dancing career has led into so many other avenues - TV work, fashion - are there any major highlights for you?    

I performed for the Royal family a few times, so that was amazing. I got to perform for the Prince’s Trust. A real highlight was working with Christopher Wheeldon last year on a five star West End show. Oh and also I was in Vogue when I was working at The Box – that’s something I never thought would happen!

Miss April

You must be on a pretty intense training schedule, what is an average day for Sophie Apollonia like?    

When I was in a company I did have a routine, now it’s completely varied as I’m freelance. It depends on what job I’m booked on. I wake up – go to train, go to a ballet class. Sometimes I’ll go and work on a project for live performance, sometimes I’m helping young talent. Often I might be shooting so I’m on set. I’m working now on progressing with my movement direction.  

When we met you talked about making the big move to LA, what is it about the city that draws you in?    

I want to make moves here – I want to start living here. Get my movement direction off the ground. I just feel like here I have a lot more opportunities.  

In terms of fashion: investment piece or impulse buy?     

Impulse buy.

Miss AprilMiss April

The last piece of clothing you gave away and why?   

A Champion dress – I gave it to my boyfriend who is obsessed with longline shirts.     

Best place to party in London right now?     

West London, that’s where I normally am. Soho or Chiltern Firehouse, I really enjoy the food there.

Miss April

Finally a question we ask all of our Preen Line girls: what are the top 3 tracks on your playlist right now?      

Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor 

Post Malone – Psycho

Buttering Trio - I Cried For You 

Miss AprilMiss April

Discover more from Sophie on Instagram - @sophie_apollonia and on Twitter - @Apollonia_ldn

Photography by the amazing Eva K Salvi - @evaksalvi 

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Miss AprilMiss April

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