Laura Jackson | Part 2

Words by Tabitha Jackson Gee. Images by Eva K. Salvi.


Preen Line muse Miss February Laura Jackson

In Part II of our interview and shoot with the charming, disarming Laura Jackson, the TV presenter tells us why she loves all things London, the 60s, and Francois Hardy... 

How do you think fashion in London differs from elsewhere?

People follow trends much more in London than anywhere else, because if you think of all of your friends, everyone kind of knows what’s going on. And I think you are influenced by it whether you like it or not. You know you read the magazines and you want those things. That’s advertising and marketing.

TV Presenter Laura Jackson

Do you think that growing up around this makes it harder to find and keep your own personal style? 

As you grow up, you’re finding out what suits you. I know that like, the deep v-necks don’t suit me so no matter what the trend is, I wouldn’t wear them.


So you prefer to pick and choose what trends you want to try?

Yes exactly. But it’s nice that we live in a multicultural society. I love that, like I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else at the moment – I think it’s one of the best cities in the world.

Laura Jackson wearing Preen

Laura Jackson with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

It’s a wicked place. Now you’ve mentioned you’re a big fan of the sixties before - what is it about that decade you love the most?

I think the mini skirts, the eyeliner and the hair. Everyone seemed to have the best time in the sixties, when you look back at the pictures. The cars were really cool - it was just amazing. And all the black and white check and Doc Martins, and Jane Birkin and François Hardy.  I don’t know I just look at that and think it’s so cool.


It was very colourful and vibrant. Have you got a favourite style icon from that time? 

I would probably say François Hardy. She always looked amazing.

Preen Valentine's Day Laura Jackson

What are your plans for Valentine’s day? 

I'm going on a double date with some friends- pizza, some prosecco and a chin wag. 


Are you very romantic? 

I make the bed every morning, day to day romance at its best!


What are the top three songs on your playlist at the moment? 

A very varied mix...

Rag and bone man, human

Little mix, tough

Blood orange, chamakay


She’s a dream. So finally, you’re going to a desert island - what item of clothing could you not live without?

Honestly I don’t have just one thing, I love everything, I’d just want to take everything with me. I couldn’t just choose, I would rather take nothing with me than just choose one thing!

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