Muse/Part 1: Tess Yopp

Hailing from Russia this months muse is very cool and totally gorgeous stylist (who looks like supermodel!) Tess Yopp. After having studied Fashion Styling and Photography in London she gained some modelling experience on many of her own projects and also worked with designers as a fitting model. She then moved on to finding her own path as a stylist. She has been working as a freelance fashion stylist now for over 3 years, with her client roster including big names such as Topshop, Asos, Vogue Japan, I-D online and Vice to name a few....


Tell us a little about your journey to becoming a stylist

I lived in Russia at that time when 'a friend of a friend' came from London and she was looking for a stylist for her shoot. She is a photographer and was doing a project with young designers in Moscow. She referred to me as a girl who dressed a little crazy and like interesting clothing.

At that time I was 17 and was going to art school and doing snowboarding! 

I had no idea what fashion industry was or the role of a stylist. But I still met her and she taught some things about styling and all and it just went from there really.

I got inspired by that experience, applied to London College of Fashion and moved here to study on Fashion styling and phototgraphy course. I was doing projects with her all along my studies at school and slowly got to shoot for magazines and young brands. When I graduated I went on to be a freelance stylist, so I guess thats the story!




What influence does your Russian upbringing have on your work?

I guess we didn't have much of a Western culture, so my work is not really inspired by western rock bands, popular culture and all. I can't quite tell how my unbringing influenced me, but I guess I'm just open so many things and ideas and everything is still new to me, because we didnt have many things back then in Moscow while I was growing up, but I like to come back to mother Russia to shoot there, I feel the hometown culture in me and want to show it to the rest of the world! 


What person has had the greatest influence on your personal style and why?

Be honest, never really looked at any particular person, I just always liked crazy dressed people and they inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. I more looked at books we had in art library, like the ones about Balenciaga or Galliano creations and thought how cool would be to be dressed like this one day. I just had an idea that if I could I would only wear couture every day. :) May be it's more true to say I'm more inspired by clothing itself rather than people, sounds a bit weird, but that's how it's always been.



The story continues on Friday.....


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