Muse/Part 2: Bev Malik

Preen Line muse Bev Malik
In part two of our interview with brand strategist and super cool woman about town Bev Malik, we talk 20th century literary icons, leading ladies, Rasputin, and personal style..

Bev, you rocked this shoot. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite item?

The striped drop waist tennis dress – it's so Devon, Brideshead, Poirot, Evelyn Waugh, J Alfred Prufrock…

A 20th century literary delight!

Fashion brand strategist Bev Malik



Ok, so next can you tell us what three words you’d use to describe your style? 

I don’t have three, I have thirteen:

Sarah Lucas

Virginia Woolfe

Cindi Sherman

Sophie Calle

Sylvia Plath

Jean Rhyss

Nina Simone

Simone de Beauvoir

Kate Bush

Vali Myers


Linder Sterling

Claude Cahun

Fashion Bev Malik in Preen

Bev Malik wearing Preen for Preen Line Diaries

Wonderful. And is there any one person who has had a big influence on your style? 

There isn’t really one – at a push it would be the Marchesa Cassati crossed with Martha Graham, Morrissey and Rasputin…Why? the dark, dangerous, excessive flirtations with stillness, movement, with angels and devils.


If you could swap wardrobes with someone for a day who would it be and why?

A gentleman with a lot of three piece suits. I would happily steal the set wardrobes from a Derek Jarman film any day.


And finally, what’s the most important piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

I do love people's’ points of view sometimes – Coco Chanel is always great for instance - but it’s really just entertainment. I really do not believe in or take any of it as it is only ever relevant to the person giving it. Style is not something that can be advised.

Fashion icon Bev Malik Preen Line Diaries

Bev Malik wearing Preen Line


Check out Bev on instagram @bevandsaturday

You can follow the lovely Tabi on Twitter & Instagram @tabijgee

Photography by the talented Zoe Lower @zoelower

And a big thank you to David Cooper for the style advice, the flat and the art!


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