Muse/Part 4: Victoria Sekrier

Preen Muse Victoria Sekrier by Eva K Salvi

Your wedding ring is so beautiful! What is that stone?

It’s called Alexandrite. The ring was designed by my husband (mega brownie points) and made by a 70 y.o. Polish jeweller.

And you tattoo? What is the story behind that?

I got it as soon as I turned 18 years old at a dodgy tattoo parlour on St. Mark’s Place. I went with two of my best friends after getting totally hammered at a Russian place on Brighton Beach. I think it must have been the sign of a rebellion at that point of my life. Sadly none of us are friends anymore.

And lastly...what styling advice would you give other women?

I would advice women to try and not to become victims of trends. Wear what suits your body shape and your personality not what magazines tell you to buy.


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