The Yasmin Sewell Edit

Yasmin Sewell’s life approach and the career that has followed has been driven by her reactive intuition and uninhibited confidence. Her success as a revolutionary force and growing industry influence. With career-defining roles at two of London’s retail stalwarts, Browns and Liberty as Buying Director and Chief Creative Consultant respectively, Sewell’s reputed innate ability to identify promising new talent was instrumental in positioning her as one of today’s most trusted voices in fashion . Yasmin is Truly unique in her role as a consultant to fashion and retail businesses of every scale, Sewell’s approach draws on her deep industry-wide insight, providing clients with holistic analysis and visionary advice and strategy. With a proven track record and natural ability to connect on a personal level it was only natural that Yasmin  be one of our Preen Archivist. Thea and Justin absolutely loved creating this amazing effortlessly cool look with Yasmin. We hope you too will love the versatility and ease to these 2 pieces, the live in oversized trench , the delicate antique inspired Paisley print the graphic modern flash of neon orange and the soft bias layers to the dress. 



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