The Ruth Chapman Edit

Looking through the Preen Archives Ruth chose three key items to make her very own ‘Ultimate Preen Look.' Ruth was immediately drawn towards A Camel Coat from AW04 and a trench coat from AW03. The result is a classic turned upside down and inside out. We took the tailored shape and details of the camel coat and made it in the traditional cotton gabardine of the trench. In contrast we combined the trench with a dress inspired from a SS06 shirt in a blue check which had been inspired by Kurt Cobain’s 90s grunge. Ruth opted to turn this into an exclusive shirt dress keeping the Grey Marl jersey wrap waist tie of the original to offer both comfort and versatility. Thea and Justin loved working with Ruth, not only did she selected personal favourites of Thea’s but she made her Archivist look a perfect choice for an truly modern elegant woman. 

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