Cassie Beadle

We caught up with curator Cassie Beadle to discuss her personal style and how she grew her creative business as she models the resort 19 collection. 


Describe your personal style in 3 words?

Classic. Eclectic. Considered.  

If you could sum up Preen Line as a brand in a sentence, what would that go like?

Preen Line is effortlessly elegant, designed to accentuate the character of the wearer–  with unusual print combinations and cuts, you will always stand-out from the crowd in a cool and understated way.


Since becoming Curator at Cob Gallery, what would you say has been a career highlight?

It’s so hard to define just one. Growing a creative business alongside two of the strongest and most intelligent women (Playwright Polly Stenham, and Cob Gallery Director Victoria Williams) I’ve ever met will always continue to be my career highlight.


Where did you grow up?

Highgate, Hampstead and Camden.  There’s a part of me that still feels like an imposter coming home to West London.


Where in London do you call home?

Currently, I am living in the St. Paul’s Painters studios in Baron’s Court. They are quite possibly the most magical buildings in London - and any hardened Londoner would have noticed them at some point.  Spiritually, I feel most at home on Hampstead Heath. 


In terms of shopping, impulse buy or investment item? 

Investment item.  I have clothes that make a comeback every 5 years, I love a wardrobe Renaissance-  rediscovering and restyling. 


Which artists have inspired your journey so far? 

Without thinking too much - and historically - Gala Dali, Gerda Taro, Claude Cahun, Cindy Sherman.  But this list could go on and is certainly not limited to fine art..I am always inspired by the drive, commitment and achievements of the artists we work with - Nina Mae Fowler, Faye Wei Wei and Joe Sweeney, in particular - I often feel like a proud mum. 


 Saturday night: going out or staying in? 

Depends if the moon is full or not...

Best piece of advice you've been given but completely ignored?

"Don't wear that..."

If you could have access to anyone’s wardrobe – dead or alive – for one hour, who would it be?


This is quite possibly the hardest question! I’m currently captivated by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy - a style so innately elegant and understated. I would be in a world of joy in Miuccia Prada’s wardrobe. However, I have always been undeniably drawn to a style overstatement - Peggy Guggenheim, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth I and Marchesa Casati are all icons for me-  and I wouldn’t say no to a rummage in Liberace’s wardrobe for an hour with a good friend!

Finally a question we ask all of our Preen Line girls - what are the top 3 tracks on your playlist right now?

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Cause its a goddam tune)

Smog - Bloodflow

Frank Ocean - Swim Good

Photography by Eva K Salvi - @evaksalvi
Makeup by Viorela - @Beautii
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