Miquita Oliver

Photography: Nona Duch     Interview: Isabella Davey    Makeup: Ruth Brophy

Miquita Oliver is both a familiar face and a mystery: her presence in many teenage years almost like an acquaintance to some, a friend to others - as a woman she is a figure whose rock’n’rolla aura lends herself perfectly to the Preen Line ethos. 

We get between the sheets with one of the coolest women in London, whose life has been a rollercoaster yet always laden with culture, art and music. Key for Miquita, and essential for the Preen Line woman. 

Preen Line embraces the arts, culture and music in an effortlessly modern and dedicated manner: how have these influences shaped you?

I truly believe I am who I am, because of the culture I was surrounded by as a child. The music, the dancing , the clothes .... the moves my family members have made in culture over the years, continue to inspire my daily life.


Favourite print: flora or stripes, stars or check?

Check - for my Scottish father


Most cherished record and why?

Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life is everything that growing up in Ladbroke Grove felt and sounded like. 

What does Preen Line mean to you in three words?

ease-joy-the land 


What’s first in the morning, coffee or tea?

Tea! My homemade honey ginger and lemon was fed throughout the shoot to the team! And raved about haha!

What’s last at night, Whiskey or Earl Grey? 

Neither -water water water 


What’s on your bedside table? 

Newspaper supplements- rizla - almond oil 


What are you wearing from Preen Line’s new collection and why did you pick it?

The skirt I wore to the Preen Line poetry party. The cut is just perfect especially for a longer skirt, you feel comfortable but still niiiicceee


In bed: socks or not? 

No socks! That’s fucked up


What was the last thing that made you excited?



And finally -tell us a secret?

Next year is the ONE


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