Patricia Rezai

Patricia Rezai is a family friend of Preen. When she’s not working on the sales showroom in Paris for the brand, Patricia writes erotic poetry and supports her partner’s streetwear adventure - to name a few. Oh and she’s total #InstaGoals (@visualsister). What’s not to like? 
We met Patricia in Paris to shoot our first International Edition of Preen Line Diaries. Read on for more... 

Miss July

Thank you for being our Miss July! What is your personal style in 3 words? 

Dark Romance

Floral Dreaming 

Contemporary Feminine


Best style tip you've been given and ignored? 

Best tip I was given but ignored… one I was given a while back and then applied years later was to wear tighter clothes. I used to always wear oversized garments and non-fitted dresses or even jeans. My friends use to constantly tell me to wear clothes that would outline my figure, which slowly made me realise how much more flattering I looked and felt. As well as, the importance and beauty of the female silhouette. I totally lost myself in all that extra fabric for years! 

Miss July

Miss JulyYou've been helping Preen with their sales showroom for a while now, tell us a little bit about how that came to be.  

Yes! Its been almost five years since I joined Preen and if it weren’t for my close friend Yasmina Dexter, I wouldn’t have formed part of this great experience. I had previously been living in London, and a year after I moved back to Madrid, Yasmina had put me forward for an interview for a freelance sales position. Ironically I thought “London won’t let me go”. Funny how I leave and then get offered to work back again for a UK company! Even though I’m freelance they really make me feel at home and apart of the Preen team. I hold a lot of admiration for Thea and Justin and the power of femininity and poetry they apply to their work. 


And Madrid is home for you? 

Madrid has been a home base for me since I was a kid because I was constantly moving around every two years due of my parent’s job. There is something about Madrid that inspires and gives me the energy and positivity one needs to keep on going in a world like the one we live in today. Home is where the sun shines. 

Miss July

When you're not working with Preen, what would we find you doing? 

Amongst a couple of different things what I enjoy the most is writing. I write erotic poetry so I very much indulge myself in an environment which stimulates me. I collaborate with artists writing scripts or doing voice overs with my writing. My partner has opened a store here in Madrid which focuses on streetwear so I have been a main supporting pilar for his project as well. I have this survival instinct so whatever comes my way I take that open door and just do it. Every month there are new projects. 


If you could have 1 hour in anyone's wardrobe - dead or alive - who would it be? 

I would have loved to see what Anais Nin had in her wardrobe ❤️ 

 Miss July

Miss JulyLast piece of clothing you gave away and why? 

I’m really trying little by little to get rid of all the heavy blackness that dominates my closet at the moment. So as friends come home I always show them what I'm about to give away, just in case they want first dibs! I would much rather a friend enjoy something I wore than a stranger. It feels like the memories will remain closer to home. 


If you could sum up Preen Line as a brand in a sentence, what would that go like?

She’s a music junkie who lives in her garden planting dreams.  

 Miss July

What's next for Patricia Rezai? 

Ay yay yay I wish I knew!! For now until September, all I know is that there will be a lot of sky and exotic lands. 


Finally a question we ask all of our Preen Line Diaries girls: what are the top 3 tracks on your playlist right now? 

LOVE MY WAY - The Psychedelic Furs


A$AP FOREVER - A$AP Rocky & Moby 

Miss July

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