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Fenn O’Meally is a model, presenter and filmmaker. This 22 year old has worked with MTV, Sweaty Betty and Sandqvist. She recently graduated with a first class degree in English Literature and has been working behind the camera in TV production for the last five years. With interviewees such as Tinie Tempah, Nick Grimshaw and David Gandy under her belt, Fenn O’Meally is absolutely one to watch. We managed to pin Fenn down for a few hours to talk all things Twitter, fashion and the infamous Daily Dave.


Hi Fenn! You are our gorgeous Preen Line Miss July. How would you describe your personal style?

My style definitely changes depending on my mood, my job, my interviewee. I’m a bit of a shapeshifter so I love my good quality basics - always oversized, often a hand me down from my dad - in which case often adorned with the odd hole just to keep things exciting! I find it quite hard to commit, and thats not just to style! I have a simple, quite feminine base style of skinny jeans, flares, white cords (bought recently thanks to Cobbie and Reggie Yates), tees and converse. Depending on my mood, I’ll chop and change. It’s a bit like when I interview people, I have the standard outline of questions that I tend to ask but then depending on the interviewee: their recent tweet, their latest work etc. But then I’ll add, adapt, cut, pin, alter things, you know mix things up a little; throw in that ace card.

If you could have one hour in anyone’s wardrobe – dead or alive – who would it be?

Well anyone who watches my Instagram Stories will know about the infamous Daily Dave. I work as a camera assistant on the BBC’s One Show and Dave manages all the props backstage. He’s about 60 and every now and then the production team will get him to dress up in a uniform and make an appearance on the show - always in line with one of the topics. Last week he was a ball boy - we had a Wimbledon Special. He’s been a nurse, a sailor, the list is endless. But every time he’s put in something new it makes me think: ‘Damn - where did I put that tennis shirt/pinny/blouse/bucket hat!'. I know it sounds mad - a blouse on a 60 year old man! I think my favourite has got to be the Nanny. Nothing like a crisp Edwardian blouse teamed with a navy pinny!
I’d also have to give a little shout out to my friend Lily Jean Bridger, she’s quite like me with style. She has THE BEST style, she’s just one of those effortless people. 

You’ve worked for a long time behind the camera in production, but now you’re in front of the lens doing interviews for MTV and Boys by Girls. What is it about video that keeps you inspired?

I started out knowing no-one in the industry. I knew the only thing I really wanted to do was to interview people and present. I have always been interested in digging out other people’s stories, whether they’re your neighbour or Noel Gallagher. Everyone has a story to tell! So whilst I was interning and studying my English degree I started to make short Vox Pop style films interviewing faces behind the scenes at fashion weeks, events and festivals.
The more films I made the more I’d learn about what makes a great film. From the questions you ask, to camera angles to the edit. My most recent pieces of work are probably my favourite pieces because every time I make a new film or carry out an interview I feel like I’m developing this skill of understanding how to uniquely marry a film’s aesthetic with its content. I think another thing that keeps me inspired is the fact I have some incredible mentors. I am massively privileged to have the access I have to them and their support, but even when I’m just simply listening to and watching them, I absorb so much. 
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What makes for a really juicy interview?

It’s quite funny, I’ll always be a bit nosey and look into the interviewees more personal life to try and suss out their personality before I meet them. I think that’s a really useful way to prep for any interview, so checking out their latest Tweet always helps to break the ice. Ultimately you want to become their friend - or at least that’s how I go about it - so if they’ve tweeted about last night’s chocolate salami at Polpo, talk about it! Give it the “how good is Polpo btw!?”.

If your life was a TV show – which one would it be?

I think maybe Ab Fab with my friend Emma Breschi - together we’re a bit mad. Well to be honest, individually we are mad. We’ve made one or two films together and they’ve always had great feedback.
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Your Instagram is full of cute little snapshots of London. Where is your favourite London Summer hangout?

My favourite summer hangout has probably got to be Modern Society on Redchurch Street. I go no matter the time of year but the girls in that store are like family to me, Nazifa like an older sister. They have big patio doors, iced Americanos, marble top tables and the best wardrobe that adapts season by season, what more could you want? Sometimes I get a bit too used to editing in Shoreditch House - so I’ll work from there instead. It always smells edible and it’s just my little cornucopia. Pavilion Cafe after my morning run is another sweet spot - I think they might just have the best coffee in London. 

Best style tip you’ve been given?

I guess it wasn't so much directed at style specifically, but my friend Angela Scanlon once said about a certain situation, “just keep on trailblazing”. I think whatever you do - whatever you wear, however you wear it - do it with confidence and you’ll trail-blaze.
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What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on something really exciting actually. I have a new show on Radar Radio - it’s currently more of podcast - called the Co Lab Hr. Collaboration. We dip in and out of each others work - learning, developing and sharing. So this podcast sees me interview some of the most innovative creatives my generation has bred, and gives them a platform for their stories.
I also make short films to promote each interview. These short films will contribute to a short doc on the new gen of creatives that I aim to edit together by the end of the summer. I also have a monthly podcast called Sorry We’re Late with Lily Jean Bridger. I’m working on short films for my modelling agency which I do every month and then on top of all of that I’m modelling a little! I think that’s everything… 

Thank you Fenn! Finally, what are the top 3 tracks on your playlist right now?

MIST - Ain’t The Same. The soundtrack to my run. This gives me so much energy. Anything on my friend Mim’s show on R1 Xtra - Saturday and Sunday mornings - makes for a good running soundtrack.

RAY BLK - Doing Me. I love this song, it has so much relevance to what I’m doing right now and where I’m trying to get to. I met Ray when she first came on the One Show, we chatted a little. Then in February we were both at a party together and she said hi. It just really struck me how humble she was. 

Madeline Peyroux - Weary Blues.  This song is so beautiful and always reminds me of my mum, we’d dance in the kitchen to it and the rest of Madeline’s album whilst making dinner. My mum is my soul mate. 
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Discover more from Fenn on her Instagram - @fenn_omeally
Photography by the amazing Eva K. Salvi - @evaksalvi
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