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Adele Cany is the Style Director for Paper Magazine. She greets us in her East London flat amongst bagfuls of clothes, her stylist Shade and a very relaxed French bulldog. Adele was born in France, studying fashion at École Duperré Paris, then at Barcelona’s IED design school. Her career path is a diverse one, starting off in accessory design before making the move into becoming a stylist. Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel - just a few of the names that have since made up Adele’s impressive CV. We catch a minute with her before she hits the South of France for sun, sea and Sangria.

MISS AUGUST 1Hi Adele, thank you for being our lovely Miss August! What’s your style in a sentence? 

I'm eclectic and a bit of a tomboy.

What’s the best style rule that you’ve been given and completely ignored?

Don't mix black and blue or blue and brown. And gold and silver. It’s so boring to have rules like this! To me, there is no best style rule. Just be comfortable and yourself - and also NEVER ever wear Crocs. They should never be forgiven. Actually that is the style rule I would give to everyone: no crocs!

MISS AUGUST 2Name a store that we won’t have heard of, but should have? 

Tokyo 7 in NYC, it’s my absolute favourite second hand shop. I get all my Jean Paul Gaultier pieces there, it's my first stop everytime I go to NYC. Even my boyfriend knows where it is!

Investment piece or impulse buy? 

Investment always!

MISYour career started off in accessory design, now you are a stylist and art director. Could you tell us a little bit more about you got here? 

A friend of mine was always asking me to style and I thought it was more of a hobby than a job, but one day she convinced me to do a shoot.The week after I got contacted by another photographer and then another one and then it all started!

Where do you feel most inspired?

I think it's not where but when. It's a state of mind that I get in.

MISS AUGUST 4MIS If you weren’t a stylist, what would you be? 

I would still be a consultant which I also do at the same time as styling. 

What’s next for Adele Cany? 

A few days in the south of France to chill and back to work! Lots of shopping, emails and laugh with my team.
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miss august8What’s the top three tracks on your playlist right now? 
Halsey - Bad At Love
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
Maya Janes Coles - Easier To Hide
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Discover more from Adele on her Instagram - @adelecany
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Photography by the amazing Eva K. Salvi - @evaksalvi

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