Muse/Part 1: Cassie Smart

She’s a buyer for one of the world’s leading fashion e-tailers, and the decisions she makes in her working week dictate your wardrobe choices year in, year out.

Introducing this month’s Preen Line Muse: the casually cool Cassie Smart

Here, the Buying Manager and all round fashion aficionado gives us a glimpse into her life on the road, and tells us how she makes her style work for her.

Matches buying manager Cassie Smart

Hi Cassie. So summer’s coming to an end, what are you up to at the moment?

Preparing for our next Buying Trip. New York is fast approaching…!


Tell us a bit about what you do at - the best, hardest and coolest things about your job?

 I am the Buying Manager on Womenswear Shoes and Bags, which is a very varied role that I like. The best thing is constantly seeing new product, which is very inspiring - and to ensure it is the right product mix to engage and excite our customer. This can be very satisfying. The hardest thing is ensuring money is spent in the right places and working quickly to order deadlines (there can be many late nights.) The coolest is working in a fast-paced digital e-commerce environment.

Cassie Smart from Matches Fashion in Preen Line

Preen Line muse Cassie Smart

Life on the road during Buying Season must be crazy. How do you decide what to pack?

My ideal strategy is to list outfits for each day, this is so that I don’t under or over pack. This also takes the stress out of each day deciding on what to wear, which I feel is very important on a long Buying trip.

Preen Line Diaries meets Cassie Smart

Do you dress differently depending on what city you're going to?

My outfit choices are dependent on weather and comfort. Travelling for long periods of time, you have to ensure you are packing for all conditions and occasions. Normally during the Buying season, we experience many different weather seasons, therefore key items are a must. Shirting, well-cut trousers, knitwear and flat shoes, modern staples that work for all cities and that you can run around in.

Preen Line on Matches buying manager Cassie Smart

You must be an expert at packing. What's your number one tip?

I pack many of my items still hanging and change onto wire hangers or fold. It’s quick and easy and reduces creases. Perfect for when you are travelling city to city.

Part 2 coming soon!


Check out the lovely Cassie on Instagram @cassiealexandrasmart

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Photography by the amazing @zoelower

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