Muse/Part 1: Margo Mars

Margo Mars in Preen

What a better way to learn a bit about our inspiring Muse of the month - Margo Mars than an interview? There is so much to say tell about this all inspiring muse that we couldnt fit it in just once!  

Hi Margo! We would love to know a bit about your self and your job?

Hi! It’s a cliché but “work hard & play hard” describes me pretty well. I am having so much fun, but that doesn’t happen without some serious hard work.

I’ve met the most inspiring people along the way who have added a sprinkle of magic dust onto me and kept the balance tipping just right between work and play.

I now work with PRETTYBIRD as Head of Production. It’s a super creative production company based in London and Los Angeles. 

It’s our job to have our finger on the pulse and make the best creative work we can, from film to immersive interactive experiences and everything in between. It’s very exciting right now as new technology allow creatives to do absolutely amazing things – and it’s our job to make sure they get a platform to showcase it. 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Vlaardingen, which is just outside of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It was very safe and a very solid environment.

At the earliest opportunity I got at 17 I left and in true dramatic style, I went as far away as possible, to New Zealand. I didn’t really realize it was that far away to be honest, I’d never flown before, and it only dawned on my recently how absurd it was to go to bloody New Zealand and how cool my parents are to be completely enthusiastic about it!

Next post up Friday 6th June! Keep your eyes peeled!

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