Muse/Part 2: Margo Mars

Margo Mars in Preen

How do your travels inspire your personal style ?

I’ve felt most comfortable and happy in places where my style somewhat matched the local style & culture. I could have stayed forever in places like Bali, Italy, Mexico – the colours, the perfect grooming & matched accessories – that’s very me.

How would you describe your own personal style ?

I love COLOUR. Diana Vreeland is quoted saying I LOVE ROUGE – of course you do – it’s like saying I LOVE FOOD, it’s that obvious.

Seriously though, it is very rare that I can pull off all black tones without sneaking in some colour in the accessories.

My style is hugely influenced by my mood and environment - A little like a chameleon, I can adapt but it’s always got my touch. I really love nice detailing and finishes, and a little comfort if at all possible.

If I walk out the door in the morning loving the pieces I wear (which is my main aim getting dressed) I feel invincible – if they match as well, then that’s a BONUS!

Let’s call my style a mix of French couture with some East London street style in which I can easily walk a few blocks in downtown New York. 

You are looking amazing in the Wilmer Biker Coat! What do you like about the AW 2014 Preen Line collection ?

It’s easier to say what do I not like.. Nothing! 

There’s a bit of everything and all perfectly made to mix with anything already in my wardrobe – there’s some serious rock and roll, fantastic colours, and then those beautiful flowers… There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t wear to both work and play.


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