Muse/Part 3: Margo Mars

Margo Mars - Preen Muse 2014

Why moving to London? / What brought you in London in the fist place?

Rock and Roll!

I was living in Rotterdam when I met Dave, he was the guitarist in Moloko at the time, and I literally threw myself at him at their show in Rotterdam. Head over heals. Groupie style….

Before meeting him I was completely mindset on going to New York, as I’d just had probably the best weekend ever there and so I was ready to move to somewhere equally exciting. 

So 6 Months later I drove my van with all my possessions across the pond and we never looked back.

My dearest friend the artist Arthur Mulder gave me a work ‘Sailing to Love’ to take with me, it’s still here to remind me of him and that wonderful moment everything just came together.

What is your favorite place in London?

I’ve never been able to do favourites – I’m far too greedy for that and there is far too much choice. When I just got here 11 years ago I used to just get out at random tube stations and wander around, I love walking it’s the best way to get to know a place.

I can still do that sometimes, there is so much that still feels like I’m on a holiday! I am very grateful to have made London my home.

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