Muse/Part 4: Margo Mars

Margo Mars wearing Preen line 2014

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Well, currently it’s spent getting up at 6am to travel far and wide finding the most beautiful furniture pieces – Dave has just opened a vintage furniture shop on Roman Road where we live (@353romanroad) & that means I get to see some quite eclectic places on Sundays! We went to Southend On Sea this Sunday, got a cracking dining table for him and some fish and chips for me – perfect. 

Other than that Sundays are for eating. Lots of it, With nice people and ideally a bit of sunshine.

What is on your Ipod/Bookshelf/ DVD player at the moment?

I’m soaking up so much stuff for work at the moment that I find it hard to add anything else to my reading/watching list.

‘True Detective’ was great wasn’t it? I just watched that in one weekend, I love doing that, total overkill and a bit greedy.

On my nightstand there are 3 books I dip into for some inspiration before sleep – DV by Diana Vreeland, Dorothy Parker’s story collection and Allen Carr’s The only way to stop smoking...

What will be next for you? Holidays? Summer festival?

Mid June is the Cannes Lions Festival, which is always a nice combination of work and play and a lot of rose… We have tickets for Wimbledon which will be perfect for that white/red flowery dress – I can’t wait to eat strawberries in that!

And I am really looking forward to Lovebox which is practically in my front garden – our lovely friends Crazy P are playing on Friday and on Saturday the fierce and wonderful M.I.A. who we just produced her self directed video ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ for – that should be a good weekend!

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