Muse/Part 1: Rachel Johnston

The new March muse is Brasserie Blanc restaurant manager Rachel Johnston.  Working the 3 floors of this fantastic restaurant and managing her team at the Brasserie Blanc, located on one of Londons coolest locations, Charlotte Street; we get an exclusive insight into what it takes to look cool while working a long shift, inspire your employees and work your way up in the restaurant world!


Where did you grow up?

In a small village in the Oxfordshire countryside. 

How did this career path come about?

I spent my summers growing up working in my aunties restaurants, and although I never intended for restaurants to be a career, I have found my real strengths in management and passion in food and wine through "climbing the ladder" at brasserie Blanc.  

Favourite dish of the month?

Our new Spring menu launches on the 19th March, it has some beautiful fresh seasonal dishes, especially a baked cod, with marienere sauce, mussels, clams and samphire.

What are the main day to day tasks?

Service is always the most important and my favourite part of the day, building relationships with customers and creating atmostphere. Ensuring the front of house and back of house teams are communicating well and in high spirits. 

Other then that I'm just working on the day to day running of the business which involves all areas of finance, HR and planning. 


As a restaurant manager, how important is it to have actual experience in every aspect of the business, as you have?

Having worked my way up from waitress to general manager I would definitely say that it has been a blessing. I can emphasise with my staff and we work very much as a team rather then boss to subordinate.

I'm also a big believer in self confidence, if you have the right attitude and drive towards something you can reach any goal, a bit of hard work and commitment is all it takes. And I hope I instil that in my team. 

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