Muse/Part 2: Eva K. Salvi

In Part 2 of our interview with Preen Line muse and photographer Eva K. Salvi, we talk awkward teen style moments, London fashion and how really, faux pas are just an important part of growing up... 

Eva Salvi

Have you ever made any questionable fashion decisions?

There are some things I look back on and I think ‘no, I’d never wear that now’ but at the same time it’s quite fun to see. At the same time, I never went through a crazy stage when I was growing up. But really, fashion faux pas are just who you are at the end of the day. 


So true. So you never went through a mad teen punk stage then…?

I’ve always been a bit stubborn. So even as a kid when there was a big trend, like the Buffalo platform shoes, I wouldn’t wear them. And my mum offered to buy them for me and all my friends couldn’t believe that I didn’t let her buy them. It was like ‘whoa’ are you crazy? But I think I just knew what I like already. 

Fashion photographer Eva K Salvi

Are you like that with trends? Do you care about them?

I’m quite experimental. Some trends I like, some grow on me. Some I just like on other people.


How would you describe your style? 

I would say my style is experimental, minimal and ever changing. I wear a lot of black, white and generally muted tones and have just started incorporating a bit more colour.

Fashion Photographer Eva K Salvi in preen

Preen Line muse Eva K Salvi

How do you like your clothes to make you feel?

I always want to be comfortable. But also I guess I want to reflect who I am. It’s funny, at the end of the day fashion is not my whole life. I mean, it’s the first thing people see, so I want it to reflect who I am - I am hoping to be approachable and fun. But then again, not too crazy or over the top.

Eva K Salvi in Preen


Is is strange going back to Grenoble now you’ve lived in London so long? Do people dress differently?

We live in London, so we’re really lucky that we can wear whatever we want. Go back to Grenoble and people would just stare at me. It’s a city surrounded by mountains so everyone is just wearing jeans and trainers.


People that work outside fashion often think it’s superficial. Why do you think it’s important?

People will tell you they don’t care about fashion, but I think it’s bullshit at the end of the day. We all care. The way you present yourself is important. And when you know that you can have fun with it. You can chose clothes that say something about you. In some ways, it’s a uniform, because we’re all in tribes. But then we all want to be unique.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi muse Eva K Salvi

Eva K Salvi in Preen


Check out Eva on instagram @evaksalvi
You can follow the lovely Tabi on Twitter & Instagram @tabijgee
Photography by the very talented @zoelower

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