Muse/Part 2: Eimear Varian Barry

Preen Line Muse Eimear Varian Barry

Eimear Varian Barry wearing Preen Line

In the second part of our interview with Eimear Varian Barry she tells us about her fave style moment to date, how Instagram inspires her and what one piece of fashion advice she learnt at school, but totally ignored...

Preen Mini Dress

Eimear Varian Barry's house rules

What do you/where do you go if you ever need some inspiration?

I could say something like being back home in Ireland, standing at the side of a cliff in the Dingle Peninsula, but to honest, I get most inspiration when I get lost in people's captivating profiles on Instagram! I also get motivated when I think of what it was like when none of this amazing stuff was happening in my life. When I only dreamt of it.

What was the last item of clothing you borrowed from a friend, who was it and why?

I borrowed a bronze Acne Bomber from my friend Anna who owns @tibaandmarl and has the best style. It was to go to a meeting and I wore it with ripped skinnies and black sliders.

What was the last item of clothing you gave away, who to and why?

I gave a whole load of vintage I bought in Australia to my friends daughter who is 17 and is really developing her style. I remember being that age and not being able to get my hands on many nice things, so I knew it was going to a good home!

Eimear Varian Barry wearing Preen

Preen Line Diaries - Eimear Varian Barry

What has been your proudest style moment to date?

Being photographed by @facehunter at London Fashion Week this year. That whole experience of being photographed at Somerset House during Fashion Week is pretty surreal! I can't wait for the next one.

Is there one piece of style advice you've been given, but totally ignored?

….Like to wear my school skirt below my knee?!

Preen Line Muse July 2015

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Photography by Eva K. Salvi


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