Muse/Part 2: Victoria Sekrier

Victoria Sekrier wearing Preen Line

All imagery by Eva.K.Salvi

Victoria Sekrier fills us in on how she got to where she is now and what her job entails...

Tell me about your job and how you came to get to where you are now? 

Hard work and staying focused always pays off. Styling is very subjective and comparing yourself to others is a total waste of time. Everyone runs their own race.

What advice would you give to an up and coming stylist?

Being nice to everyone is probably the easiest and the most powerful advice, no matter what industry you work in. Nobody wants to work with mean people.

How did you become a stylist?

A friend of a friend, photographer Fiona Garden, had asked to do a test shoot with me. I agreed under the condition that I’ll style myself. She was very encouraging throughout the shoot and pushed me to pursue it seriously. So in some way I owe it to her!

What is the biggest misconception people not working in your field have about your job? 

That it’s glamorous!

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