Muse/Part 1: Victoria Sekrier

Our super cool new muse is London based stylist Victoria Sekrier! Hailing from Russia, she was plucked at the ripe old age of 16, to start modelling and was brought over the pond were she spend the majority of her teenage years shooting for various magazines such as Vogue and I-D and believe it or not walking the Preen show in AW04!!!


As well as dabbling in many interests such as hair, fashion illustration and designer, she has found her niche in the way of styling. A regular on streetstyle blogs during fashion week, Victoria is the perfect chic to fit the bill as a Preen Line muse! 


Victoria Sekrier wearing Preen Line

All imagery by Eva K Salvi 

A few words about you?

I’m a London-based stylist. I shoot for art and fashion publications such as Tank, Under The Influence, Unemployed, Is In Town and Paper. 

When did you start working in fashion? 

I started working in fashion industry when I was 16 years old. I got discovered in Russia by an IMG Models scout in my hometown of Volgograd. I was really eager to give modelling a shot, even though my mum was totally terrified to let me go. One of my first ever jobs was actually opening the AW04 Preen show. I have the sweetest memories of that time!

How would you describe your style?

It’s very relaxed, masculine and sportswear inspired. it’s kind of a structured comfort dressing. I love shapes and I love voluminous silhouettes. I kind of love to feel like I’m drowning in the clothes!


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