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We caught up with Mary Charteris to talk style, music and causes close to her heart whilst she dressed up in the latest pieces from the brand new pre-fall 19 collection. Read on to learn more.
Mary Chateris is wearing Calithea Dress
Mary Chateris is wearing Calithea Dress
If you could sum up Preen Line as a brand in a sentence, what would that go like?
Preen line is the perfect combination of grunge and romantic, masculine and feminine, never sacrificing comfort and always effortlessly cool.
Mary Chateris is wearing Calithea Dress
In terms of shopping, impulse buy or investment item?
Mary Chateris is wearing Calithea Dress
Where did you grow up?
My parents divorced when I was three months old so I divided my time between my mum in London and my father in Gloucestershire.
Mary Chateris is wearing Calithea Dress
We shot you in your new house which is getting ready to be renovated - can you tell us anything about it?
I’m so excited about owning my first home with my husband. We chose to go for a house that needed a lot of work as we liked the idea of making it into a project we could do together and we are thinking of it as investment as well our new home. A lovely old lady was in there before us and I don’t think any works have been done to it since she moved in in the 70's, hence the funky carpets and wallpaper. I’m so glad we got to shoot there as I was desperate to document they crazy interior before we completely change it. Even though the current interior isn’t at all to our taste, from the moment we walked into the house it felt like our home, full of good vibes.
Mary Chateris is wearing Anafa Dress and Nara Knit
What is your favourite London restaurant?
I’m obsessed with dim sum so the new all day dim sum restaurant in convent garden Din Tai fung is my current obsession. If I want a quick healthy bite on my way to a meeting or an appointment I love the Deliciously Ella cafe on Weighhouse street. There’s a fusion restaurant called Chotto Matte I’m dying to try. And I still haven’t been to NOPI which is on my list. I’ve heard is great.
Mary Chateris is wearing Anafa Dress and Nara Knit
Last item of clothing you gave away, and why?
I have real issues throwing things away. I’m a clothes hoarder but I’m trying to be less so. I was strict with myself recently and gave a whole suitcase of things to the charity shop on my road. I haven’t missed any of it yet so that goes to show I didn’t need it in my life. I always give my mums and my sisters the stuff I think they would like. My spare room is my wardrobe and it’s exploding at the seams, that's why I have to give stuff away.
Mary Chateris is wearing Anafa Dress and Nara Knit
Saturday night: going out or staying in?
Staying in or going to the countryside. Because of being a DJ going out in the evening feels more like work for me so when I’ve got evenings off I’d rather go over to a friend’s house or cook something at home. Or go for dim sum!
Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat
Where is your favourite destination to Holiday?
Holbox or Mustique
Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat
Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat
Can you give us any tips on avoiding single use plastic?
Avoiding single use plastic is on my mind constantly and Every little thing you do helps. I think some people think that they can’t commit to not using plastic so they don’t bother making any changes but that’s the wrong attitude. If you have to use a plastic bag one day because you forgot to bring your own bag to the supermarket for example, it’s ok; just try your best to remember next time. We don’t need to be perfect. Eventually remembering things like that will become second nature anyway. I’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes. Carrying my water bottle and my flask for hot drinks with me everywhere. Little things like using a bar of soap instead of a plastic soap dispenser. Not buying vegetables covered in plastic. If I go into a shop that only serves plastic I will suggest to them they could start stocking more glass. Same goes for restaurants and cafes using plastic straws or toothpicks etc. I think it’s good to plant the seed in their head that the public disapprove and that they have other options that would avoid damaging the planet unnecessarily.  If you see plastic lying around on a beach pick up it. Don’t just look at it sadly. My husband and I went up and down the beach in Mexico recently doing a clean up and we couldn’t physically carry the amount of bags we filled back to out hotel. I’m so excited about the new Zero waste shop, Liberte Cherie, that has opened on Portabello Road. It has containers of things like olive oil, nuts, seeds, pulses etc and you bring your own containers or buy their glass jars and just fill them up. Hopefully it’s the first of many. It's more interactive than a normal visit to the supermarket which I like.

Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat
Are there any causes that you're associated with and would like to tell us about?
I’m on the committee for Project Zero which is all about Inspiring the next generation, as well as our own, to join the movement to restore and protect the ocean and adopt ocean friendly behaviours. I also am an ambassador for who’s main objective is to call on their favourite brands to find innovative alternatives to single use plastic products and packaging. I just discovered a great activewear brand from Australia called Nimble that are using plastic bottles to make their legging. This is the kind of initiative the world needs. We can’t get rid of the 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic that’s already on our planet so we got to start thinking of ways we can use it. So I am openly supporting brands like Nimble that do this.
Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat
Best piece of advice you've been given but completely ignored?
I really wanted a perm when I was 13 years old and I’m happy to say I did not ignore anyone’s advice in that one. Advice I’ve ignored would be to stop eating so much sugar. Hence my annoying sweet tooth.
Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat
Finally, you're an amazing DJ, what are the top 3 tracks when you are dj'ing at the moment?
Prince - Let’s go Crazy
Michael Jackson - PYT
De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring
Mary Chateris is wearing Lily Trousers, Mariana Jacket and Aubrey Hat

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Photography by Eva K. Salvi - @evaksalvi

Styling by Masha Mombelli - @mashamombelli

Makeup by Cher Webb - @cherwebbmakeup

Jewellery by Hannah Warner - @hannahwarnerjewellery

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