Muse/Part 1: Fran Mullin

For the latest instalment of the Preen Line Diaries, we headed into the heart of Soho to meet the gorgeous Fran Mullin. The Times Junior Shopping Editor lives tucked away above a vintage wine shop with an awesome and ever-increasing collection of clothes, handbags and jewellery – and -  one seriously sassy cat.

ABOVE: Fran wears Preen Line AW15 jumper 

 Here, Fran tells Preen Line Diaries about life on the fashion desk at The Times and why, if she had to swap wardrobes for a day, she’d channel her inner Queen Padme. (Something tells us Fran and her cat might have something  in common.)

First, tell us about the cat...

Six months ago I adopted a cat, Tiggy, from a friend of my Mums. She’s 11 and a grumpy old lady, but always sweet as pie when people come over. I’ve often been accused of exaggerating about her temperament, it seems to be our little secret. We’re getting there though, as long as I keep her topped up with the fanciest cat food she’s happy. Though there’s another cat lady in Soho who sometimes gets to it before I do then we have a tense few days. Felix just doesn’t cut it.

And a bit about what you do at The Times?

My role at the Times has me doing everything from writing news stories to redesigning our digital content. Our Twitter following is pretty influential at 1.88m so I have to intersperse my day with creating 140 character content. I spend a lot of time trawling imagery, particularly street style pictures, which always makes me think I played it too safe that day. I’m enjoying the new trend for giving succulents at press days. My desk is now a Lilliputian jungle, all that C02 goes a long way to counteracting the re-circulated office air.

What does the word 'style' mean to you?

Style is quite a loaded term. I prefer sass.   

What people have had the greatest influence on your personal style and why?

A succession of friends and a series of misjudged phases. I’ve been everything from rude girl to goth but always with a friend in tow. Thank phewf we didn’t have Facebook back then. 

If you could swap wardrobes with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

Queen Padme. But just for a day, that hair looks heavy. I could be Natalie Portman for life though, her character in Leon, Matilda, is perfect. 

What do you/where do you go if you ever need some inspiration?

To the bath with a bath book. I have a book allocated to each section of my day. Bath books are always the silliest, the warm soapy water and generous slosh of Elemis helps to transport you somewhere more exciting. I think of it as bed knobs and broomsticks: the X rated version. Not the books mind, more the state of my attire.  

Part 2 is live next week, stay tuned!

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