Muse/Part 2: Fran Mullin


Last week Preen Line Diaries headed into Soho to meet The Times’ Junior Shopping Editor Fran Mullin. In the second part of her interview, we find out why her proudest fashion moment involved ketchup (who’s doesn’t?), and why she always, always ignores style advice.



What was the last item of clothing you borrowed from a friend, who was it and why?

I borrowed a long sleeved black crop from my flatmate because my outfit was too slutty for work – never trust anything sheer.

What was the last item of clothing you gave away, who to and why?

I gave my friend a pair of high heeled Toga Pulla shoes I bought in a sample sale because I was angry with them. I’m pretty sure it was their fault I ended up face first in a manicured bush on New Year’s Eve. They were tiger striped and now so is the scar on my leg.

If you could sum up your personal style in emojis, what would they be?


The one with the horrified face.


What's the most important piece of style advice you've been given?

I was once told that I shouldn’t wear pink with my red hair as I’d look like a salmon. I ignored it as I didn’t much like the person and now pink is a firm favourite of mine, though the combo has lost a bit of its sassy edge now that I’m blonde.

Is there one piece of style advice you've been given, but totally ignored?

I pretty much ignore everyone, partially because I’ve never been good at gauging sarcasm. 



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