Muse/Part 2: Katie Keight

Last week, we got up close and personal with model and actress Katie Keight. Now it's time for Part II of the interview, where Katie tells us about her personal style and why, when it comes to fashion, you just need to own it.  

What person has had the most influence on your personal style? 

I've been trying to think of somebody and of course there's a hundred people I could say have influenced me. But the greatest influence has been myself and the natural evolution of life. "I'm a magpie and I'll take it"

What's inspiring you at the moment?

I almost groaned at my own soppy answer then - but really I get my inspiration everywhere. I'm a magpie and I'll take it, there's so much to look at if you look, and if you can't then you might just need a nap or a snack.

What was the last thing you lent to a friend?

A petite black and white stripy mini dress from Topshop. It was a tad far-fetched hoping I would fit.  Too short for my long body but perfect for my friends Eva Salvi's gorgeous long legs. 

Proudest style moment to date?

I’m constantly proud and quietly impressed! Haha.

What’s your favourite piece of style advice?

I can hear the words "OWN IT" resonating in my head. That could be advice from a number of people but I love when people do what they want no matter how oddball  (so long as it's not hurting anyone) - it really excites me. Show us the way I say.

And is there one piece of style advice you’ve been given - but totally ignored?

Blue and green should not be seen? That's simply not true, I have an amazing pair of blue and green jeans from Balmain this season. I'm sorry but there are no rules.


Follow Miss Keight adventures on: her Instagram @katiekeight 




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