Resort 19

Fashion Stylist Masha Mombelli has lived in London for almost 20 years.  She views her work with clothes as a means of expressing emotion in the same way an artist may use paint.

"I remember going to the Preen shop in Portobello maybe 10 years ago and falling in love with the beautiful design and sophisticated feeling it gave me... To see the brand grow so much and expand is very special! Preen Line dresses are for me ultimately romantic and yet effortlessly comfortable."

Masha has brought together a group of creatives to model the new Preen Line Resort 19 collection who share their background and experiences of wearing the brand.




We are both from suburban parts of the UK but moved to London for university where we met - we pretty much latched onto each other in our final year and decided to work a freelance duo focused on fashion communications and digital design.



How did it feel wearing Preen line? What did it make you think of?

E: It was quite a hot day, so some of the more flowy looks felt super comfortable but still contemporary and elegant.

M: Very thankful to have been assigned the chiffon dresses in the summer heat. I could probably live in one.


What is your dream/ aspiration for 2019?

E&M: We'd really like to see our business blossom this year, as well as give ourselves enough time to enjoy each other's company as best friends as well as business partners. There's also talk of starting a two-piece folk band with Elizabeth on guitar and Max on vocals but the idea is still very much in development.






I am a mother and Stylist. My 6-month-year-old son is Zakariya Lee.

How did it feel wearing Preen line? What did it make you think of?

I love the feeling of wearing Preen line. The fabrics are Luxurious and tactile. The colours and prints are beautiful. The cuts are very feminine and flattering. lol, The pretty floral prints bring back childhood memories of trips to Kensington Gardens.

What is your dream/ aspiration for 2019?

My aspirations for 2019 are to watch myself grow and hear those mumbles turn into words.






I'm from Europe. I'm multilocal. Trend Specialist at the trend forecasting company.

How did it feel wearing Preen line? What did it make you think of?

It's really feminine, nice cuts and vivid colours. Pleasant to wear. I imagined myself in an enchanted forest. I was a nymph.

What is your dream/ aspiration for 2019?

I hope to find a door that leads into Narnia. I also dream that humans will become more conscious and put an end to animal cruelty and war. But I know they won't.





I’m from Australia I’m a model/performer; I do aerial dancing, acting, singing and of course modelling.

How did it feel wearing Preen line? What did it make you think off?

I felt like a dancer/ballerina especially in the pink dress, it was so light and delicate. The clothes are really nice and flowy.

What is your dream/ aspiration for 2019?

My dream/aspiration is to travel the world performing and doing what I love, with acting, aerial, singing, modelling and dancing.






I'm an actor from Sydney, Australia.

How did it feel wearing Preen line? What did it make you think of?

I loved wearing the Preen dress, I don't often wear dresses and this one was so lovely. I felt really free in it and I loved the length and how it flowed.

What is your dream/ aspiration for 2019?

My dream for 2019 is to work on as many creative projects as I can! Sometimes in London, you can get a bit stuck so just want to be doing what I came here to do.



By birth I am Australian, however, I often catch myself saying how much more British I feel then I have ever felt Australian. Soon to be moving on from London, it will always remain the place I feel most comfortable.

My ambitions are always fluid and changing, at the minute I have my sights set on a change of scenery, a new city, and a chance to actively spend time with the people I love doing the things that I love.

Photography will always be one thing I love doing, this series being especially enjoyable as a lot of the people that Masha and I cast were friends or people I had already known closely. Making this so enjoyable as I was able to nurture the already present connection between myself and my subject, instead of forging new ones. A different vibe act to the same vibe I do almost every day.



Photographer: Jack Buster @jackbusterstudio

Stylist: Masha Mombelli @mashamombelli

DOP / Editor: Will Stuez @willstutz

Music: Meggie Brown @meggiebrownmusic








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